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Trainer Tool

Trainer Tool

Trainer Tool is a website and tool for Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists, and Massage Therapists! It is available at and this website will sync patients, SOAP Notes, and information on your computer, Android or iPhone which are also available from the iTunes App Store or the Android Market. This will allow you to use Trainer Tool with the accessibility of a mobile device, as well as the convenience of your desktop or laptop. All information will be immediately synced between your computer and phone for access anywhere from the office to the field.

How to use Trainer Tool

How to Use

Trainer Tool is very easy to use! Trainer Tool manages two different sets of your data, your Patients and your SOAP Notes. First, you can being by clicking "Patients" then choosing "Add Patient." After this you can fill out a quick form with as little or as much information as you like to create a Patient record.

Next, you can create SOAP Notes by simply clicking "Create" on the left. This begins a short process of filling out information to create your SOAP Note. You can add as much or as little data as you like. The SOAP Notes consist of 6 pages of data: Patient Info, Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Patient, and Images.

Trainer Tool in the Office

In the Office

Trainer Tool can be used in the office at your desk by using the website This website will contain all of the data you enter on your phone or mobile device. The website offers the most features and account information. It can be easily used from any type of computer has an Internet connection and a web browser.

Trainer Tool around the Office

Around the Office

Traner Tool can be used around the office on an Android or iPhone mobile device. It is currently avaiable on the iTunes App Store and the Android Market. Trainer Tool will also be coming to the iPad shortly.

Trainer Tool in the Field

In the Field

Trainer Tool can be used on many mobile devices allowing access in the field, an amazing feature for any Athletic Trainer. This allows you to easily take down any imformation at the site of the injury and log it immediately. This information will then sync with your account online and be available for further editing from your laptop or desktop later. Trainer Tool is available for any Android or iPhone device.

Trainer Tool in the Cloud

In the Cloud

Another useful feature of Trainer Tool is its ability to sync information between all of your Trainer Tool enabled devices. Your information is securely stored and synced between your devices with 256 bit encryption. This allows you to begin a SOAP Note in the field at the point of the injury and edit in more detail and convenience on your computer later on back at the office. This saves you time and allows for more accurate reporting. You also do not need to carry around clip boards and pen and paper to take notes. It can all be done with Trainer Tool!